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Photographer, Artist, Traveler


I was born in Los Angeles, CA. My family moved to San Diego when i was around 4. Im the youngest of the 6. I would say we have a very artistic family. Being the youngest i got to see my family’s work grow and get better, they have always been my inspiration. I work full time for a POP display company. I handle all graphic arts, in terms of printing and laminating. I have taken some courses on screenprinting and laser etching. One thing i will always remember my dad telling me “learn everything you possibly can”.

In 2014, i started traveling a little bit. I always saw the world differently, always had the feel to venture to new places and explore. I tend on visiting other countries in the near future, But right now im happy to take photos of my ventures here in the U.S.

Clients:  Target, Ralphs, Wal-Mart, Coke Cola, Pepsi, Vans
Industry:  Food, Sports, Lifestyle, Travel